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Let's get a happy meal sometime



Manga Mirror 


You can take part in a Manga world and be a character.Wash hands and face and adjust clothes with them!


free! + tumblr posts [2/???] 

i can’t stop making these


suspicious as fuck

  • me: ugh there are people here



remember this show where this one dude had to guess what is he smelling and he put his nose into someones asshole and went “smells like ass” and the commentator went “correct” and this dude did the funniest expression ever. wheres that gif



my brother found this old menu board at a thrift store and hung it up in his apartment looking like this


Can we just  talk about the impact of movies on society? Like right now in several states people are talking about having real life murdering sprees influenced by the movie The Purge tonight. Just imagine the impact when the movie adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey come out. I feel like there will be a ton of adolescent boys thinking its okay to be dominate girls in relationships and promote unsafe bdsm behavior, this is not okay.  


thanks to anxiety whenever i make a mistake i feel like this



If you want to be friends with me you don’t have to be “Hi, um, can, ya know, we be friends?”

It is 1000000000000000000000% percent ok if you just go into my inbox can go. “Man, I am so fucking pissed off at fucking Larry.” And I’ll most likely respond with, “Oh shit! What did Larry do now?” 

bunny with tits (sometimes)

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